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Lit Fit Live! New Moon/Moontime Yoga Class

Lit Fit Live! New Moon/Moontime Yoga Class

Published on January 06, 2022

Welcome to the first Monday of 2022, the first new moon of the year, and da first Lit Fit Live of da new year!

This week we move into our core, hips, and womb for all the ladies out there. I was on my period/ moontime, so a balanced, soft, but strengthening flow was calling me.

Opening poses of the

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Category : Fitness
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Croatian22 9 months ago
You’d love Crozet”Closed Shades” and the Midnight “Los Angeles” k super sorry if this was a womens only. Just checking it out
Croatian22 9 months ago
I just moved home to KC and seeing those trees made me miss Croatia 🇭🇷 Everyone here is sooo unfriendly btw I am trying this Live Has Rosin called Violet Fog! It’s very different almost like if you ever broke a bone and had the meds they give you. I experienced this total warm blanket sensation and then literally was just send the most random funny to me, movie lines to family but it’s not funny if u don’t know the inside of it and there’s little tv watching it’s experiance I want. You seem super intelligent and loving yoga. I’m a certified personal trainer and I have knarly panic ,always sit to see the door and whole room at restaurants. And lifting and working out,strict routine is my cure all, and I handle problems loneliness anxiety and wanting more adventure . I’m off topic but I have discs killing my back in multiple levels but mainly if it’s a rough day it’s where my mid to upper trapezius muscles are. I’m dying to go lift but I’m outa routine k I’m wasting ur time sawie

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