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Life Update! SMOKE WIF MEH!

Life Update! SMOKE WIF MEH!

Hey Peeps! Pixie Tay here! Thanks for watching and chilling with me! <3 Much love!

Intro: Saint Warhead- Sparkler

Category : New Tubers
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CannabisColumbus420 2 years ago
That weed looks bomb!! And that inscense holder is the COOLEST
FecoLeo 2 years ago
Oh, wow, what an INCREDIBLE Halloween costume!!! So beautiful, especially the facial markings, so cool! Glad to hear you made an offer on the house and things are progressing. Retail is tough, takes a thick skin - I used to work for a retail chain, and I was the IT guy that employees would call when the cash register didn't work, and it was an exercise in patience even behind the scenes. I love Wendys, so hungry now, wish I could steal your bacon. The incense waterfall is so zen. Cheers!
rackformack 2 years ago
that looks delicious at the end there ahaha and the weed looks like absolute fire! nice vid :D i subbbbb, if ya ever get the chance lmk what ya thbink of my channel too :)