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LIFE REVOLVES AROUND THE PLANTS  (Exclusive Daily WeedTube Upload)

LIFE REVOLVES AROUND THE PLANTS (Exclusive Daily WeedTube Upload)

Published on October 02, 2019

Today I talked about how life revolves around the plants. As a caregiver vacations are a thing that is not very common. When existence and livelihood depends on the plants Growers are often faced with the dilemma of who to turn to when they're unable to take care of their plants. I know many Gro

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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carlososee 3 years ago
Is a full time job, no holiday, no party, no Sundays, they don't mind. Because of that I don't like aeroponics/dwc/drip, etc I like to water my plant by myself. And not all the babies needs the same amount of water/nuts you have to take an individual care of all & each one of our loving babes. My thinking is that automation is for the environment. I rather to invest in that. Thanks as always Mr wizard
70pher 3 years ago
weed are like babies they need constant care, babies are part of the family ergo weed is family
Nug_Nutz 3 years ago
great video, 100 percent my plants are a big priority, except emergencies of course.
Takes hard work dedication and sacrifice. No days off. Thats what it takes to be master grower. No bullshit. It is what it is.

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