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Lex Blazer's NEW HOUSE TOUR! (The 'Before')

Lex Blazer's NEW HOUSE TOUR! (The 'Before')

Published on November 12, 2019

Today a Tour of MY new house; this is the “before” all the heavy renos tour. I’ll do another video someday for the ‘after’.There's gonna be tons of stuff done, starting this week with ripping out carpets and tearing down the kitchen ASAP.

My Amazon shop, where all

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Category : Vlog Life
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Infalung78 3 years ago
thanks so much for the tour Lex you've got a great house with so much potential and location location location wow I'm sure you've checked out the schools for your son good luck with everything in your future that you strive for because you are sure deserving of it✌
I have been thinking about doing that anyway you just inspired me to go ahead and knock it out
Running coax for the right person shouldn’t be a problem bro find someone who does satellite in stalls or if you have a buddy who has who does
Hey congrats.... Much different then houses in Michigan especially in DETROIT LOL.. Super cool.. Happy for ya
Being a vape guy probably the only one who noticed the volcano

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