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Lets Roll a Jay - and smoke some dab tabs!

Lets Roll a Jay - and smoke some dab tabs!

Published on January 17, 2020

Hello weedlettes! Todays video starts out with me attempting to roll a gram conefor the first time in over a year, tell me how you think I did :) Also, I take a dab tab smothered in live resin. It was a treat.

Dab Tab - GG#4

Live Resin - Hammerhead Indica

Gram Joint- Headmaster Kush

All weed smo

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Category : New Tubers
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bud_hero_ 3 years ago
That bud was absolutely beautiful. SOO GREEN! You did really good rolling up a joint, especially for not rolling in a year! You roll better than i do lol You have a new fan! check out my channel too if u get the chance, much love! <3