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Legit STIIIZY vs Street STIIIZYs in Long Beach

Legit STIIIZY vs Street STIIIZYs in Long Beach

Published on July 03, 2019

Legit, tested STIIIZY carts cost a pretty penny at most Long Beach dispensaries, yet trap STIIIZYS are readily availablie for a portion of the price. We interview both a budtender and a street STIIIZY dealer to determine if buying street STIIIZYs are worth it.

Category : How To & Tutorials
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RiceCrispie 3 years ago
You know what would be cool? A blind test administered by someone else in which you didn't know which product you were hitting. You could do legal one day, and street the next to compare the level of high. A side-by-side blind test would be good for comparing flavor and mouth sensation.