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late update for our bagseed grow.

late update for our bagseed grow.

Published on August 10, 2021
missed the update this past Saturday due to family. but here we are again guys . today these plants are 30 day old from seed and they have begun aggressive veg stage . now we basically wait for them to show off their sex and get rid of the unwanted. cheers guys thank you all for watching !!!
Category : Growing/Gardening
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stoner1 1 year ago
they are coming along. I've had little plants like the small ones before, and they eventually decided to grow out of nowhere lol. if you look back at the beginning of one of my last grows you can see. they almost died and then blew up. keep growing and stay safe brother
rysbigbuds 1 year ago
They are looking good man. I hate the waiting to Sex a plant but itโ€™s all part of growing unless you do autos or feminized lol. The package is at least in the right state again lol. Cheers brother stay safe and happy growing.
Highseeker 1 year ago
Hey...that was me that recommended the micro dose of nutes. So happy it worked for you. They really jumped up! off to the races now..cheers