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Last Smoke Sesh With My Friend

Last Smoke Sesh With My Friend

Published on March 05, 2021

My friend Robert is moving to Virginia because he can't afford the balloon payment on his house that's due. So he sold his house and is moving in with his sister. Here's my last smoke session with him before he has to leave. He's a good friend. And, I'll miss him.

Category : Growing/Gardening
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SKEastCoast 2 years ago
Robert is also a war veteran, a martial arts instructor and builds high end kitchen cabinets and doors for a living. All he ever watches are old kung fu movies. I gave him the dvd set for The Last Airbender. And, if you ever have some time to kill he has enough stories to fill a whole day. He has lead an amazing life from what he's told me. He used to serve in a submarine in the navy. He's been a bouncer at bars. He's seen everything.
Nice sesh SK. Sorry to hear about your friend moving, had many friends move away myself. Take it easy man!
Mtn.Mystic 2 years ago
I love the shadow smoking! Stay safe ;-)
nice I know how it is to have a friend move especially if its ur smoking buddy great natural smoke session with friend cheers
DLgrower 2 years ago
Its always great talking to the Old timers and the wisdom they provide and life lessons learned. Great video!