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"LA Sour" – (Strain Review)

So "LA Sour" is a cross between (LA Confidential x Sour Diesel) that provides you with an extremely euphoric and mood boosting head high and a very subtle muscle pain relief. The beginning of this high definitely starts with more of a racy high and ends with a nice body stone.

This is a great strain fo

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Category : WeedTube
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grow-tacoma 4 years ago
What up homey, glad to see ya posting on here!
hernanbud710 4 years ago
Big fan of the strain reviews. Thanks for spreading the knowledge brotha! Everyone check out my weed feed on insta @hernanbud710
hkatco 4 years ago
I like seeing someone who packs a smaller bowl. I almost always aim for a small one unless in a group so you won't get any crap from me.
yae-one2515 4 years ago
Sorry to here about your channel my brother. We will follow your where you post your content. Subscribed and liked ! Cheers bro chin up
stoneradam 4 years ago
Excited to see future videos of you on here

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