KIS Organics DIY Organic Living Soil

KIS Organics DIY Organic Living Soil



Published on March 26, 2021

KIS Organics DIY Organic Living Soil how to video. Today I make a large batch (1/2 yard) of OLS with Sphagnum Peat Moss, Perlite, Earthworm Castings and a Large Nutrient pack sourced from Black Swallow Living Soils

Link to the recipe -

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Wabbit 2 months ago
very informational video man, for anyone that honestly doesnt know anything about living soil this was a good break down of ingredients and the how to make it before use, your plants are gonna love this mix man, just the heads up you can add in prob double your worm casting there, the microbiology in the soil will simply use it to feed and stay happy happy happy, keeping an eye on your grow my friend as i'm curious on your results from changing over, stay safe man and happy growing
Infalung78 2 months ago
wow Jay that was awful nice of you to share that tutorial with us my next as soon as I run out of my nutrients I have now I'm going to give it a shot hell I might not even wait that long it looks like a hell of a mix you got there and all you have to do is add water. ✌
SKEastCoast 2 months ago
Very nice. Should make some plants happy.
Zoltrix Grower 2 months ago
Great video Jay! I'm getting into this as well, but outdoors for veggies. Going to build a big bed! Part of me wants to do it indoors too but I'm not ready for that yet lol.
Mr-Foxx1970 2 months ago
please look me up on YouTube Mr Foxx Kush Santa. I post more often on there. thankyou see you there
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