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Jupiter Cured Live Resin by Rythm

Jupiter Cured Live Resin by Rythm

Published on October 10, 2022

Jupiter Cured Live Resin Packs quite a puch! What a beautiful light extraction, smooth, citrus goodness. Stay tuned for my 1-10 review of Jupiter by Rythm.

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Infalung7 3 months ago
right on Wojy I thought that was a very good honest review you know what they say if it works for you then you must be doing something right I just don't know who says that haha I was talking to the pharmacist that works at the place that I go here in Quincy Illinois we've got two choices herbal remedies or we can choose rise I have been going to herbal remedies I've never seen it at any of the dispensaries here in town but anyways my sister is a pharmacist and has been since 1986 she's the district manager for Osco drugs in the Chicago land area she flies around two different colleges and does recruiting for Osco drugs and basically tells them hey will give you this if you come work for us but anyways I was talking to the pharmacist at Herbal Remedies here in town he said give it about 2 years and you're going to see a major price drops I believe him catch you on the flip side my brother. ✌️