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Jack 47 XL Autoflower

Jack 47 XL Autoflower

Published on May 10, 2021

This is Jack 47 XL autoflower, a sativa, a cross between Jack Herer and AK 47. The XL denotes a robust producer. Plant grew to a height of 20" which is just perfect for a closet grow. I'm entirely confident that it would grow to be taller and even more abundant if put in a larger vessel wit

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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PotBaba 1 year ago
Turns out, I got 63g of bud from this 20" plant and, as can be seen, they're excellent buds! Still curing, but I'm eagerly anticipating the smoke.
lookin good man, stacking those colas nicely
check out my grow, not as impressive though lol
Very cool, great job! I have a Jack 47 Auto (not XL) at 48 Days. Search Jack 47 on here, you'll find it. I think at the beginning of the video you said the plant is at 72 days. Is that correct? It is good info for me to know (just confirming). Thank you for posting, the main cola on my plant also has very similar top to yours (seems to have multiple bud heads at the very top). It is a little unique. Glad to see that this plant is the same. Again, great work! It's nice to hear the happiness in your voice regarding your plant :)