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It's The Meth, Stoney Shamans Corner Episode 2

It's The Meth, Stoney Shamans Corner Episode 2

Published on March 03, 2021

Sorry again for such a long delay, today we are talking about my addiction to meth, how I got clean and the things I did to stay clean, all while keeping it stoney. Catch me one at Instagram timmyturtle78 Twitter @timmyg1978 Weedtube timmyg1978 W

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Category : Vlog Life
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LMAO this video has me dying, granted Iā€™m stoned to the bone! Would genuinely love to see more content like this so keep it up! If you want more followers comment #jiply on my latest video, Also you can send a video of you taking a hit via insta @inorpuss to get shouted out!

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