Is This The FOURTH Ever Ganja Games? - #blindroll

Is This The FOURTH Ever Ganja Games? - #blindroll



Published on August 19, 2021

The blindfoldedjoint roll challenge! #blindroll
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Category : Comedy


dopedev420 3 months ago
Gonna have to try this! LOL
BlueDreamGaming 3 months ago
This was really amusing to watch for quite a few reasons but first let me point out how much I love the name 'Ganja Games.' The premise has so much room for evolution, what a great idea! Hats off to you gentlemen and anyone else involved, though this act of respect may seem less than genuine due to the fact my head is too big for most hats and they simply fall right off! ㋛ Thank you for being my first subscriber on here that did not escape my notice. I'll definitely check out your other stuff keep the awesome going! ツ Take care!
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