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Is My Weed Laced? - FAQ Response

Is My Weed Laced? - FAQ Response

Is there a way to tell your Marijuana is laced? How often does laced Cannabis happen? What are the odds? There's a lot of misinformation and speculation out there on this topic so I figured today on Lex's World we'll tackle it with some common street sense and reasoning. The bad news is that there's no
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pastor_joint420 4 years ago
I was just talking to someone about a exspireance I had and it was wet weed 13 years ago laced with PCP I was upset when after a long day at work I get home to relax my roommate is tripping on LSD and after a bowl I was seeing the same things he was I've heard the horer story's I'm blessed it wasn't as bad as it could of been it did have a sour non cannabis smell thanks for the video have a blessed day