Is Bigger Always Better??? // Bong Vs Mini Dab Rig Smoke Sesh

Is Bigger Always Better??? // Bong Vs Mini Dab Rig Smoke Sesh



Published on March 27, 2020
Pulled out my mushroom bong and Puffing Bird mini recycler dab rig for this smoke sesh with my daughter as we listen to a little stoner music and try to decide, ‘Is bigger better?’

She wouldn’t let me film for her, but she says, yes... Keep watching to hear my thoughts on it!!! Happy tokes,
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Zoltrix Grower 1 year ago
I like big bongs because I take big hoots, and they make me cough where if I just fill a big chamber and empty it's much smoother. With saying that I've gotten pretty wrecked with some tiny rigs haha. Happy Smoking!
Trevillain 1 year ago
hahaha great answer!
RipsandTides 1 year ago
The best answer!!!
KayaMoSmoke 1 year ago
I love my bongsss no discrimination
Imaf_uupGamerStoner 5 months ago
I think if you was to do or make a video like this it should be a test between the items and not the product like for instance in bongs they say flower is good but what if you tried dab in something bigger does it make it better? If you hit it all at once or in spurts does it hurt or help you? Maybe it does help to make it smaller? That's what I'm looking for not saying that your video was bad just wrong content to look at...have a good day
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