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I'm Broken.

I'm Broken.

Published on August 11, 2018
Hi guys. So... It's been a while since I made content. Not just any content... obviously I make content all the time. But it's been a while since I made anything that I felt was worth uploading. Now, I'm not saying this video is the perfect example of great content but I am saying that I'm going the rig
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Category : Vlog Life
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ryan 4 years ago
Great video, thank you for being real man..that's why we love you
Andrew001 4 years ago
Dude, same. Yes I also shook your hand. This video was a journey. Have you ever started over Barbra ?????????? you’re doing great sweetie
The realness ???? Life can be such a rollercoaster ride, just follow your heart and your intuition. There's SO much I could say but I'll keep it short - Arend, you aren't broken, you're growing and that's what life is all about ????I'm excited to follow along on your unique journey.
I have found it really depends on the banger. If it is a clear quartz banger, generally I hat it up for 10-15 secs on either side and then 30 seconds on the bottom. then wait about 1 minutes and take it. The flavor is immaculate and it doesnt take too long. I would say to keep qtips and a capper on hand when your using this method those! also when I began to smoke, I would heat it up as long as I wanted then I would use my pinky, hover about 2 inches above the nail and when it becomes tolerable to hold your pinky there for more than 10 seconds. I lived by the second option whenn I didnt know much about dabs! Learned how to keep my bangerz clean and focusing on the "right temp" after I watched a video from Matthias HOWEVER BITCHHHH arend, I have been here for so long. I followed you for a year before the weedtube. When youtube started deleting channels, I literally would cry thinking about losing your content along with some others. I have reached out over snap chat, supported the weed tube, became an advocate for healthy consumption within my circle of people. I have laughed with you, cried with you, shared the first bowl and the last bowl with you. I have learned acceptance of the LGBT community, which for so long I was afraid of admitting I was apart of. And I have done all of that because of YOU! no other person could have gotten me to publicly speak against youtube. I wouldnt have followed anyone else over to a different platform. I understand sometimes we are broken. I have had many times in my life where I have had to shut out the world for awhile. Which includes social media and all other platforms. I know that it can be hard to do, especially in this age where the internet is used for everything (including work like in your case) but i am here to tell you, your true fans want to see you healthy. I am sitting here at 5:30 AM chocking up because goddamit Arend you mean everything to me. It would destroy me to see such an amazing person discontinue their presence in this community. But I would rather you change what you are doing than to see you harming your mental health to make people laugh. we laugh with you, we laugh at you, we laugh for you, but no matter what your doing you bring your viewers joy. those people that talk shit about changes on your channel and missing the old arend are dumb. people change, YES EVEN PEOPLE WITH 100,00 SUBS. its a process babe. Do whatever you need to to get your mind right and start loving yourself again. we will patiently wait for the new Arend Richards to emerge. we are lucky to have any form of you. I love you to pieces and I just need you to know, You saved my life.... so I know you can do it for yourself. Thank you <3
This was a tornado of different emotions. I love you arend!!