I thought everyone was equal, why don't I feel equal? Time to recreationalize everywhere!

I thought everyone was equal, why don't I feel equal? Time to recreationalize everywhere!



Published on May 11, 2021
Just me bitching about the recreation of marijuana and how it is unequal for some states to be allowed to grow it and buy it and other states you're not even allowed to have it it's bullshit they need to come together and get their heads out of their asses.
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Infalung78 1 month ago
right on brother I think that the government will never fully legalized cannabis what they will probably do is decriminalize it and that way and they can put it into with the schedule to the narcotics which are doctor prescribed only that way they have more control over the whole situation control control control that's what the United States is all about nowadays and I know what you're talkin about SK East Coast there's been a lot of people that I have seen with no views or no subs that are in the new subscribers here new creators I mean everything is censored it doesn't matter what it is if you live in these United States everything is censored one way or another and it always will be that's our country. ✌
SKEastCoast 1 month ago
Something else that's bs is the way theweedtube decides when you get to have your video show up in the Featured and Trending sections on the home page. I've seen videos with zero views in the Trending section. How on earth are you trending if noone has even seen your video? And, I've seen new people with barely any subs or videos and they are in the New Creators We Love section. I've been making videos for almost a year now and still haven't been featured in that section. And, I have lots of subs. I feel like there is one person in charge of the homepage and they use their feelings to figured out who makes it onto the home page. I honestly don't care. But, I see what's going on and I don't like it. It's bs.
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