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I GOT KICKED OUT!? - The day it happened...? [Entry 6] || PuffPuffGyal

I GOT KICKED OUT!? - The day it happened...? [Entry 6] || PuffPuffGyal

Published on April 27, 2019

Finale of the I GOT KICKED OUT series. In this video, I'm going to walk you through essentially what happened that unfortunate day. Thank you to everyone that has been watching my videos. I love y'all soooo much!

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Category : WeedTube
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I totally know the feeling of getting kicked out but yo that is cold af! You didnt deserve any of that and as a myself Christian all I can say is God knows their true side there’s no hiding it from him. -WWJD- I’m 100% sure he would t do that! Taking advantage of someone being alone to get mean is not Okii it is so abusive! Not Okii!!! At least your out of that situation now! Time to better your life without the negativity holding you down
sessions 3 years ago
Yo the beginning honestly has me dying! But I went from laughing to a more serious story, and it totally worked because of the way you tell it. Im sorry you had to go through all of this, that's so rough. Keep your chin up tho, you look like a bad ass who can just about handle anything. (Not to say that it wasn't and isnt still rough.) I think it's really important to hear others stories, it creates not only an empathy for strangers, but people in similar situations can know they aren't alone. Keep up the great work PuffPuffgyl, love hearing your stories.

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