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I GOT BUGS! Pink Lemonade update#5

I GOT BUGS! Pink Lemonade update#5

Bugs! - Gnats to be specific - Learn what they like, how to control them/kill them and make them as unhapy as they make you.

We take a look at the Pink Lemonade round#2 from 34th Street Seedsend of week 2.

Its been a war for the last 6 days but Im winning and the girls look fantastic!

Tell me if y

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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CanadianMOMson 1 year ago
when I was growing my pink kush i had some what i thought to be fruit flys. may have been these guys. it was when i was using a co2 jug. i found it smelled and the odor of the co2 was what possibly was bringing the bugs. but truly not sure. i killed em when i say em as well. didnt have many. but wasnt an issue. i hope u can get em
bluhousegrow 1 year ago
lookin good and always suck havin bugs happy growing n hope u get ride of them
Thud 1 year ago
High HighSeeker, Thank God its not spider mites! Try EBay GNATROL WDG BTI kills fungus gnats and Home Depot ship to store Giant Fly Trap 1 foot wide x 30 feet roll. They eat roots! That is all they eat! AzaMaz as a soil drench will also kill them. BTI will wipe them out. 2" more soil on top will stop them! Sticky strips will bankrupt you. Lay Giant Fly Trap strips right across the soil. Butter your scissors!
BobUnder 1 year ago
Ah bummer man ...get them little suckers , one of the reasons I dont want to use soils and amendments
turbogfxgirl 1 year ago
I would say it would be from the guy of green fertilizer I know that that is the high conditions for Nets they like it and it could be the other soil too that you're using I used something that worked for me I bought it off at Amazon it is called and all and it is natural so it will not hurt your plant when it's in veg but it will kill any of the adult Nets and that's and eggs if you spray it directly on the soil and spider mites anything like that that are going to kill your plant I'm telling you all in safety safes or something like that they're the best stuff look them up on Amazon and I mean you may pay like $20 for the bottle or whatever but I bought it and it was completely worth it I have the nuts under control and like I said it worked good for me so whatever it can work for you get that's what I would work with and those glued sticky pads that you have that will also get rid of them as well

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