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I Deleted My Social Media for a Week and it was LIT

I Deleted My Social Media for a Week and it was LIT

Published on November 22, 2019

I've been on social media since the original Facebook website. I was a senior in High School and you weren't even supposed to be allowed on until you were in college. Yes that is showing my age but it's fine. Social media became part of my life in the same way it is for most people. It a

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genghiscon 3 years ago
I would absolutely LOVE to see a video on your routine!! I struggle a ton with overthinking, which I believe leads to my horrible indecisiveness, and that video would be a great starting point. Also to answer your questions, lol, I have never taken a socials break in my entire life but I am more than willing to start!!
you were right, the visual aesthetic in this video was lit! <3
Swoopy31 3 years ago
I love watching your content. I honestly stumbled across your content on youtube a month or so ago. You make me laugh and make my day go by so much faster. I know your going through a lot at this point and time in your life. Just remember you are loved and you will be ok.
s.bellavia 3 years ago
Would love a daily routine video! And you have inspired me to take a social media break :)
dopedev420 3 years ago
Just watched this with my mother in law and we just are so happy for you ❤ She wants to make a response video for you because she has so much she wants to say. She just adores you. Great video friend ❤ we loved it.