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I Broke the Smallest Bong in the World!!! - Tacodabs

I Broke the Smallest Bong in the World!!! - Tacodabs


Ive known my buddy @tacodabs for about two years now and i thought it would be cool to show you all of my art from him and go over the story of how I broke the smallest bong in the world.

I hope you all enjoy!

Category : WeedTube
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lockboxllc 4 years ago
taco Tuesdays?
dabsmoke710 4 years ago
Sick video bro....that sucks the bong broke but I think the video was so worth it! Keep bringing the ???????????? fam!
yougotanygrap3s 4 years ago
Can't believe I'm only 1 of 4 comments. I've got a reallllyyy goooodd feeling about your videos here :) Love you and kate, you sexy fuckers !!
dabbindaddy91 4 years ago
Just thought I should let you know I have my first (of hopefully many) soul cyclers coming in from piratt. Knew I had to had one when you brought yours onto the channel! Good luck man. Keep spreading the good vibes.
allboroerrlythang 4 years ago
A worthy break, just put a ring of gorilla glue on that lens and she'll be good