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huge shout out to SKEastcoast

huge shout out to SKEastcoast

shout out to SKEastcoast
Category : Growing/Gardening
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SKEastCoast 2 years ago
Just sharing the love man. Don't bleed on the seeds man! Lol. Be careful dude. I just want to make sure you get some of my girls growing in your garden. You're helping me by growing my plants and showing people. Thank you man. You can pay me back by growing some awesome plants and giving them lots of love and doing a weed smoke review after it's harvested. That's all I ask.
NewTestament 2 years ago
That's whats up SKEastCoast keep showing the luv, and can't wait to see those White Runtz that's a hot one here in Michigan
Detroitvapes420 2 years ago
Sk is good dude. Hope them dragon fire pop for ya.

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