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How To Workout with CBD and Cannabis (Cannabis and Exercise!)

How To Workout with CBD and Cannabis (Cannabis and Exercise!)

Published on May 26, 2020

Do people mix cannabis and exercise? Let’s talk about how to workout with CBD and cannabis!

There are many stereotypes surrounding people who use cannabis, including the belief that all cannabis users are “lazy”...

I’m here to dispel that myth today!

The truth is: many peo

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Category : Education
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Briggedy 2 years ago
I love smoking before I workout because its so fun. And you dont die after haha
TheWedeShow 2 years ago
Great video! A few years ago i tried working out after smoking and couldn't stop focusing on my heart rate LOL. Might have to give it a shot with a cbd edible, sounds like it might be enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

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