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How To: take a dab

How To: take a dab

Published on July 10, 2020
happy 7/10 guys! felt like there was no better way to celebrate than by sharing what I’ve learned about dabbing and different tools to upgrade your dab experience. super excited to be on the weedtube and creating more lengthy content. stay tuned for lots more to come! comment “
Category : How To & Tutorials
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Hey I genuinely enjoyed the video, it was really entertaining so keep it up! Also I have a shoutout system in the end of every video, and it could help your account get exposure. If you'd like to participate go to my recent video and comment #jiply and send in a video submission of you smoking!
Such a great video! I always had the same heat problem too with the throat hahah :/ What was the song you had on it a few days ago?