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How to solve Marijuana Pest Problems Beaver Seeds

How to solve Marijuana Pest Problems Beaver Seeds

Published on February 11, 2021

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Category : Reviews
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Infalung78 1 year ago
right on glad you're a channel away all I have to do is just listen I guess I have learned a little from this first video plan on learning a lot more hopefully it has been a while since I have grown it's been over a quarter of a century to be exact but anyways I can always use the tips and the tricks from some of the of The OG's I consider myself as one I started smoking in 1973 people would ask me oh man did you have hair down to your shoulders or did you hang around with all the stoners and I'm like well I wish I could my dad's a teacher here at this High School and the rest just pretty well writes itself to be continued.....! ✌

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