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How To Smoke Weed from a Pipe (For Beginners)

How To Smoke Weed from a Pipe (For Beginners)

Published on January 10, 2020

When I first started learning how to smoke weed, using a pipe was one of the more confusing aspects. What is a carb hole? How long to I inhale? How much of the weed do I smoke in one rip? All of these questions plagued me. Now I'm using the all the knowledge I've acquired over the years of b

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Category : Education
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Them: What are your goals for this year ? Me: 3:36
I love giving the greens to my cousin but I swearrrr she cant corner a bowl, but imma show her this, to let her know what's uppp
amazing video arend!! I can't wait to make well educated videos like you soon :)
could you do a video on how to dab with a rig? i really wanna get more into it and i haven’t found any videos for beginners