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How to roll a backwoods the

How to roll a backwoods the "Canadian Way" + Sesh - Vlog 11 || PuffPuffGyal

Published on May 23, 2019

Is there really a difference in how Canadians roll versus how everyone else rolls? Let me know in the comments below!

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Category : How To & Tutorials
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ironlunglady 3 years ago
I wanted to have a days of the week pill container thing for how much I should smoke a day but it never works out I smoke too much
charlie-chantae 3 years ago
Y’all are so cute! You low key remind me of me and my man. And I’m like you with giving people trust and the benefit of the doubt until they lose it.
Cannagrownia 11 months ago
Hopefully better than us Americans Cause I would neva do an american rolled Backwood LOL, nah my dudes cant roll and I prefer DutchMasters 100%

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