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How to make Strawberries THC Lean ( Sprite + Jolly Ranchers )

How to make Strawberries THC Lean ( Sprite + Jolly Ranchers )

Published on December 02, 2020

Learn how to make THC Strawberries Flavor Lean ( cannabis infused syrup drink).

THC Lean is absorbed in the mucous membranes in the mouth and is further broken down in the intestines. People reported usually feeling the effects within 45 minutes or less.


0:00 Intro

0:13 Decarb cannabis

1:20 Ma

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Category : Cooking w/ Cannabis
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dopedev420 2 years ago
two of my favorite things! hahaha
this is a cute video but a terrible way to make lean. first off, you don't infuse something by just letting it sit in honey for a couple hours at 100°. For one, cannabis *oil* is lipophilic meaning it dissolves in oil and doesn't dissolve in water. Honey, of course, is completely water based. No matter if you used 100° or 500°, there's no way you're going to force oil and water to mix. if you were using like a magical butter machine or something that applies relative heat and agitation you might be able to get a suspension, but you'll have significant creaming within a few hours without applying some kind of emulsifier to your oil phase. It's not like tea, you can't just let it sit in something warm and it becomes infused, it's a significantly more involved process chemically. if you want to waste your weed and get a pretend high, this is absolutely the way to go but has absolutely no science behind it as an infusion.
This is pretty cool thanks for sharing I have made two of ur items the thc candy spray love it n the reese cup my new video I'm giving u a shout out cheers
TJSMITH4383 2 years ago
I love watching your videos and keep up the amazing work up