How to make dabs at home!!! Pressing Rosin!!!

How to make dabs at home!!! Pressing Rosin!!!



Published on April 06, 2020

Hi everyone, thanks for joining us. We decided to get our rosin press out so we can make some dabs. So we went ahead and made a video for every one on how to make dabs. Rosin is a solvent-less and chemical free way of producing your own wax for dabbing. This is a very easy and safe form of home prod

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SKEastCoast 1 year ago
I noticed that when you press buds the rosin comes out in a circle. But, they keep giving you square containers to put the bud in. Try getting a 2" PVC pipe and cut off 5 inches of it. Buy a 2" plug cap and file down the bumps so it will slide through. Then make a circle shaped pre-press. This will evenly press the rosin out so there is no wasted space during the press. The squares have less pressure in the corners. No corners means equal pressure. I'm the only person to notice this problem.
ChronicBlonde 1 year ago
I have saved thousands of dollars by pressing my own rosin! awesome info!
FlowerChildVee 1 year ago
Great video with great info! I def wanna try to press one day.
OkieSmokey420 1 year ago
There’s a big hair in your rosin
BadGranny 1 year ago
Great video brother!! The Alaskan Purple looked BEAUTIFUL!!! have you ever tried flash freezing you fresh buds and pressing that?? its a whole another level of BEAUTIFUL!! MAHALO for sharing , sending you and your ohana big love from the big island ohana!!
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