How To Make A Compost Tea...

How To Make A Compost Tea...



Published on April 01, 2021

As my title for this video suggests I will be doing a tutorial on how you could make a quick and easy compost tea at home with the help of you friendly neighbourhood kush man SilkySlim416 & Gaia Green Organics.

I hope you enjoy this episode & if you did make sure to hit the thumbs up like b

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Thud 2 months ago
Hey SilkySlim, Just look at all those outstanding Spider Farmer PAR keeping the floor of your tent warm! Hell yes you took off too many damn leaves! I learned the hard way losing leaves to low Nitrogen, then again to Spider Mites that LESS LEAVES = LESS YIELD. You could put more plants in there. They do not need exotic plant spacing you are affording them. If I was a plant, I would want to be your plant Silky, but I would cringe as you rolled me up into a shitty Tobacco Leaf! Please stop smoking deadly Blunts Silky! Please! Hey man, when you gonna press some Rosin with your new Hydraulic Press? Hey don't you here stories showing you to be discreet with your grow? Chop those Boys down and bags em before trip to the dumpster. Anybody desperate enough could show up at your door and stick a gun in your face. Not a home invasion for regular weed, but for FAMOUS SilkySLim416 Purple Kush. MmmHmm! Gotta be incognito when famous young man!
TerpyPuppetDaLocc 1 month ago
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