How to Collect more Kief from Grinder

How to Collect more Kief from Grinder



Published on April 08, 2021

Whats up students today I'm going to show you how I clean my grinder and get a good amount of kief out of the process! The best way to get kief is to invest in a quality grinder. Below is a link to the grinder I use and i will also attach a budget grinder if you want to go a cheaper route.


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dopedev420 5 months ago
Oooooh, Great upload!!!!!!!!
provisional_air 4 months ago
Yess love this upload!!
Infalung78 5 months ago
right on brother I like your video I got my Santa Cruz Shredder in the mail today this thing fucking shreds I was checking out the teeth on these things and I've never seen another grinder designed like it and I've seen a lot of Grinders in my time I started smoking in 1973 so they didn't have too many grinders come to think of it they didn't have any Grinders back then all the weed had seeds in it so they had what was called a Mary Gin it was a little square box with a little round wheel inside of it and you could take remove wheel from the inside of the box and it had a cap on one end that little wheel inside and what you would do you would put your weed inside of that that little wheel inside and that wheel had slits real small slit all the way around it and that would separate the seeds and sticks and other things from the weed the weed would fall down into the bottom of the box I don't know if that makes sense but that's what we had then. ✌
MOMMAVAPES_420 3 months ago
Great info
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