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How to BACKROLL a JOINT! (Roll a Joint Inside Out)

How to BACKROLL a JOINT! (Roll a Joint Inside Out)

Published on January 07, 2020

Ive had a few people ask me how to backroll a joint or roll a joint "inside out" so I figured I'd make a video on it! Its really not that hard, it just takes some practice. Soon you'll be rolling with as little paper as possible too! Also i just found out some people call this meth

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Category : How To & Tutorials
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calebwill2003 9 months ago
I’m about to try this lol. RawPapers has a video on youtube on how to roll a backstrap. When the flame gets to the top of the excess it lights the joint at the same time.
DrewCarrey 9 months ago
Mind blown. I’m definitely giving this a try.
DANKYFRANKY 2 years ago
ive been wanting to try a back roll for a while! this tutorial made it seem pretty easy!