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How Pro Labs Figure Out % THC of Strains

How Pro Labs Figure Out % THC of Strains

Published on April 25, 2018

Today I talk about how companies measure that THC% you hear about so much. I have previously blogged on the evolving potency level of Cannabis. How potent it is has greatly changed over the last several decades, from averages in the low single digits to the low double digits (see the episode link be

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cliff 4 years ago
Hey Lex I am very sorry for your other ch going down. Well it may be for the best. Don’t care what so ever for how they are going about this. And I was told on a ch someone saying they can do what they want ect. But can’t this be looked at as discriminating against x? And is what ok for particular size companies have to follow some guidelines about discriminating. If they just changed the policy or? Has it the entire time but failed to act apone it? I just????

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