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How LONG Should Vegetative Phase Be? - Indoors & Outdoors + Grow Journal Mini-Update

How LONG Should Vegetative Phase Be? - Indoors & Outdoors + Grow Journal Mini-Update

Published on March 05, 2020

A discussion about the length that Vegetative Phase should be - indoor or outdoors + A grow journal mini-update, cause I’m sure many of you wonderered what became of them

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Want to grow bigger plants, thus bigger buds, in a grow tent? Use the schwazze’ technique that I’m teaching on my channel. Schwazze’ on day 1 of flower & effectively cut the stretch in half, so it again on day 18 & the stretch is effectively over. You can clearly see this effect in action in one of my latest commercial grow update videos. By the way Lex, for a plain water grow why not use SOHUM living soil? Plain water seed to harvest, testing that now, plants are in veg.
M_Padia 2 years ago
I wait 3-5 months in veg. topping takes a week to regrow, so I like monster cropping in the beginning and seeing what decides to grow about 5 months later (also my veg closet has weak lighting) yes, halfway to the ceiling then she will double size the first few weeks of flower. Should be about the size of a corn stalk 8 ft?
saweet stuff ♡♡ I'm going to try mine at about 60 days after germination in this grow cycle. thank you for sharing
2ndNature 2 years ago
So I began most of my plants indoor and slowly transition them outside. My question is what if I didn’t want them to veg the entire summer. Is there a way to manipulate the flip to flower? For example, could I take the plants that are in 5 gallon pots and put them back inside for a few days under 12/12 lighting to flip them into flower? Or will I have to just wait out?