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How I Feed

How I Feed

Published on September 02, 2019

I know people out there are going to have some opinions about how I doing it. But, this is how I've been doing it for years. And, it seems to be working. I'm always trying to improve and get my garden dialed in. I'm trying 2 new new products. I'm going through a testing phase with th

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Man RESPECT on this vid.
great video. I totally agree with you on mixing nutrients, less is better than to much. Keep the videos coming gromie.
SKEastCoast 3 years ago
I plan to make a new version of my formula in a few weeks. This is what I do. It's all about finding out what your plants want, not everyone else's. Plus, I will show a more in depth way of testing the Ph and using a PPM meter to help solve issues and problems. I didn't want to bore everyone with all of the details in my first video. This was the A.D.D. version for all of you people out there that are in a hurry. I will continue to discuss all of these things in more detail in future videos. If you are like me you know a lot of stuff but it's hard to develope the habit of doing it the right way. The plants are forgiving. So, as long as you are trying you will still get decent results. Thanks people! Peace.
Great videos so far. Thanks I was doing it a bit wrong. Thanks