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HOW I CLEAN MY GLASS | Using Household Items

HOW I CLEAN MY GLASS | Using Household Items

Hi, everyone! The more I watch this footage, the more I realize I’m swinging my bong around the whole time lmao. Please be careful when cleaning your pieces and let me know which products you use to clean your glass :)

Thank you to all my subscribers for keeping up with me this week!! See y'all soon

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Category : How To & Tutorials
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dopedev420 2 months ago
I usually use what I have at the house! lol 420 formula, water, alcohol, salt. Lol Just about everything you said!! Great video!
provisional_air 2 months ago
420 formula leaves some residue and a smell sometimes, but works really fast in a pinch!! Rubbing alcohol is the most cost effective way to go!
F8hasu 2 months ago
I like to use Revolution gel cleaner. It’s reusable.
brandon3079 2 months ago
Damn you’re a hottie😍

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