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Hotboxing the New Car

Hotboxing the New Car

Published on May 31, 2021

New car so it's time for a hotbox lol todays a little sesh and review video testing out the new car and how well it hotboxes. Needless to say it went well haha, I do hope you enjoyed this video. If you did leave a like, comment below, and subscibe to my channel. Thank you for watching and rememb

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Category : WeedTube
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dopedev420 1 year ago
Tropical Storm?? Yum!!
congrats on the new car n also i hella dig that shirt!
cheers!! sending good energies
budbart 1 year ago
Excellent program, Blazed. Congratulations on the new car. Happy motoring. Hope you get to do lots of road trips. Great review of the CBD strain. You described how it affected you very well. Interesting that you combined the two. Interesting physical report of it relaxing your back. Great speeded-up video, too, with some pretty good French inhales and ghosting, too. Picture got really, really smoky, too. Great effect. "Hotbox" so you know I went to the end. Have been doing exclusively Tweedle Farms CBD since I can get that leg ally through the mail. Justas finishing the Hawaiian Haze you recommended a while back. Will wait for your next CBS review. CBD seems much more gentle than regular weed (but I don't have a source for THJC-right). Thanks for all the good info. Peace and safe travels.
nice new car bro loved the video