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HIGH TIMES -  Would You Rather Questions

HIGH TIMES - Would You Rather Questions


Today I am sharing my answers to @High Times 's "Hardest Would You Rather Questions For People Who Love Weed".

I'd love to know your answers to these Questions and your opinion on the questions in general. I think most of these were not that hard to answer, but they were perfect and fun questions

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TheWeedTube 1 week ago
Love this idea. Great upload!
ToniRackz 1 week ago
Lol @ stop the cap… this was a great video!
BlazeMaster 1 week ago
Great questions! Here are my answers: 1. I LOVE bongs and different kewl ass glass pieces so I would have to say glass. I love papers too but I would pick glass over papers. 2. Dab hourly because I prefer a dab over a blunt any day 3. Fail a drug test because you would have that on your record so you couldn't get your dream job either way. 4. Best strains and smoke out of a can. I have smoked out of a can before and lowkey sometimes it be smackin' 5. Wow. This one is really hard because I dream to smoke with both of 'em. Idk if I could choose one or the other. But I do also prefer joints over blunts now myself so I guess I would go with Wiz. 6. I agree. I would rather be able to smoke however much I want for life 7. I'm not a drinker either and it would be a world with more peace than violence if it were weed legal and alcohol illegal 8. XD Hiccups 9. No red eyes 10. I usually get munchies anyways n I smoke to feel lifted so 11. Cheap because I've had to most times 12. 500mg Edibles
dopedev420 3 weeks ago
We love a stoner Would You Rather!! Great upload 🀩

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