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High Talks Episode #2 Mushrooms

High Talks Episode #2 Mushrooms

Published on February 05, 2019
Hey everyone! In this video I sit down and talk about my most recent mushroom trip along with a few others I have had in the past. Towards the end of the video I ask you guys a few questions and I am interested to hear your answers! Add me on snapchat! Chase.Phillipss !!!!
Category : Vlog Life
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Leefhed 1 year ago
I can’t believe u never got an answer to your questions ! Wish we could help. I am hoping for a good experience “trip” when we do our first trip. U make it sound so enlightening. I wonder how often a person needs to trip to stay “grounded” if that’s the rite word ? U really blow thru a bowl WoW. I would need about 4 hits to finish a bowl I feel. Rock on.