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Here You Go, Hugo! - MaryJWhite - The

Here You Go, Hugo! - MaryJWhite - The "Cooking With Cannabis Lady"

Please leave a like and a comment to lemme know what you think! Special thanks to my baby, Hugo, for cohosting this video with me <3


Visit my website ( ) for more CBD information, including cannabis cookbooks,

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Category : Vlog Life
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silentganjalady 2 years ago
Love this! <3
persianwecallcajun 2 years ago
My baby Oscar looks just like your Hugo, except mine is crosseyed. Four years ago my fiance and I rescued him; he was stuck between two buildings with his siblings, and the mother cat hadn’t come back. He only weighed 1 lb. I am so delighted to hear how much cbd has helped Hugo. Our oldest cat has a large tumor so the time will come when she needs relief. I don’t want to pump her with pills, so seeing how well Hugo responded to cbd gives me hope.
AnxiousCouple 2 years ago
I loved this video! I had no idea it could help with pet cancers, I'm so glad it's working for him, he's precious!
anamfjelly_510 2 years ago

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