HAZEWAYZ STONER KITS \/ $10 | & shmoking my first home grown

HAZEWAYZ STONER KITS \/ $10 | & shmoking my first home grown



Published on October 20, 2021

The Stuff N' Go Pack& TheSampler:$9.99 + Shipping (~$3, USD)

Both of these are NOT subscriptions by default, but if you select the green button in the middle to make it a subscription then you'll get it each month and earn 'tokes' (their rewards program) towards freebies.


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Fretbuzz 1 month ago
Chrissy, you are officially a "Growmie" and nobody can take that away from you! Grats and welcome! For your environment, nutrient choice, plant genetics and experience level you did great. Please keep growing!!! You may consider a 2x4 grow tent for better control and year-round grows. There are some great deals out there for complete entry level kits. In my humble and unqualified opinion- 1) Growing, like fitness, is a journey. Dive in and enjoy it ♥ 2) Drying and curing is 50% of the battle and it is what makes the final product "yours". You will know when you open that jar after some weeks of cure and you smell your harvest. P.S. There's a lot of Bro Science on this subject so be picky with the advice you receive. Peace ;)
dopedev420 1 month ago
Well, at least you can say you've grown an auto!! 💚
nickteal 1 month ago
Your videos introduced me to MouthPeace and Crappy's. I'll forever trust your judgement now
khristopher 3 weeks ago
..i was thinking with a stoner head....."why would the cones need a smell proof bag".......duh................its another gift......LOL...
Leefhed 4 weeks ago
Thanx for showing these. Good for you growing your own.
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