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harvest weights lemon versace  stain  review  twtgc

harvest weights lemon versace stain review twtgc

telling harvest weights n smokin.
Category : WeedTube
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SKEastCoast 1 year ago
Nice extreme close ups. Lol. I'm smoking on the new berries&cream that I just made. Tastes like blueberry Hubba Bubba gum. I'm reveging my lemon versace. I chopped off the top half. Buds were ugly. Yours were way prettier. She does smell real strong like lemons.
base79 1 year ago
Mendo purps sounds like a winner as far as weight. That lemon Versace looks great!
ZoltrixGrower 1 year ago
Nice Kenny, I smoked some lemon versace with ya! Your look after the first hit was like my first taste of it, high af! lol. I dried mine a bit fast so it could be better but still has a strong lemon flavor and smell. I even taste a hint of mint. Good review of it, I like it too and will grow it again! Take care man
ProudCanadianCannabis 1 year ago
Decent harvest results Kenny! Your yields will continue to improve as get better at growing each strain! Nice frosty nugs in the tray there buddy! My yields are going to be lower this run for me, because of the window breaking in my grow room, winter coming in and frosting all my ladies! I am lucky to have ladies in flower right now! So I am hoping I will still hit 2 pounds total!? But I doubt there will be much more than that! Not complaining though because it could have cost me everything! Just dropped the end of week 7 update, one more week of light feeding then flush time! Happy gardening my friend, stay frosty!
bluhousegrow 1 year ago
thanks for the support yea it taste good its a really chill high it had me gone for a while lol cheers

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