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Harvest, Loss, and Week 7... | Growing weed with the Viparspectra XS4000

Harvest, Loss, and Week 7... | Growing weed with the Viparspectra XS4000

Hello and thanks for Clicking today!
Today we are into week 7, one week after the last video was filmed and we look at some of the changes happening in the 4x4.
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Thanks for watching I&r

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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ZoltrixGrower 1 year ago
Since this video has been filmed I have procured a dehumidifier. This was the first time I have seen the RH that high but now I'm prepared for another rainy, hot week. Happy growing everyone!
Infalung78 1 year ago
good job dude plants look really good you know you'll have hiccups along the way I just fertilized a couple of my gelatos and went a little over wasn't paying attention when I was mixing my nutrients got distracted and they got a little burnt but not too bad anyways shit Happens and all we can do is learn from it and try not to make the same mistake twice. ✌
base79 1 year ago
I was about 70 % in week 5. Had to add and dehumidifier as well. The bud rot sucks bro. Rest of the garden looks great! Happy growing bro!
stoner1 1 year ago
that sux about the bud rot,but I like watching the everyday gardener tackle problems and show solutions that everyone can do. I'm glad you were able to get a dehumidifier. I just posted my update,the plants got beat up pretty bad with training, ect. looking at everything, I'll probably be in line with outdoor growers as far as harvest timing lol.keep growing and stay safe brother
Staci420 1 year ago
that sucks bud, looks like you got it all handled though, still looks great to me

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