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Harvest Gold Leaf

Harvest Gold Leaf

Published on February 16, 2021

Today I cut down the Gold Leaf. It made some awesome buds. For some more channels that are growing my seeds go check out stoner1, DLgrower, Mr-Foxx1970, jaygrows and Wabbit. If you want some seeds leave a comment.

Category : Growing/Gardening
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Nice looking buds my friend! That should be some good smoke for you! DO you just dry your buds on a rack in the middle of a room? Or do you setup a drying room that you can control the environment in? Fuck man it hurts me to see your ladies looking so burnt bro! I hope you can get it figured out my friend! You are sure it isnt a fungi, broad mites, or the bad nematodes that can come from soil growing! Those leaves in your veg room sure are shiny looking that is usually a sign of root pests like scale bugs and broad mites! Just throwing a few ideas at you in case you hadn't thought about them! I hope it is just a quick fix and you can flush that issue out! It looks like you have the issue running in all of your plants! That is shitty my friend! I will say a prayer to cannabis gods for you SK!
Wabbit 1 year ago
gold leaf came out great, lol excellent results from that strain and a solid genetic to add into your mixes, keep up the hard work buddy, stay safe and happy growing
10 subs away brother congrats
Nice harvest SK, buds look good. I need to try growing gold leaf at some point too, will be curious to see your review of the smoke later. That sour diesel auto looks good, I have one seed of it along with a few other autos, I think I'm about ready to try doing them soon.
stoner1 1 year ago
very nice looking harvest there, I've been pulling massive leaves off my berries and cream girls also. keep growing and stay safe brother