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Harvest Day!!!!

Harvest Day!!!!

Published on January 15, 2021
2nd Run!!!
Category : Growing/Gardening
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lookin good happy harvesting
Thud 2 years ago
Man that one on the right like like it was dipped in Sugar! What strain is it? How will you finish your cure? I have never dry trimmed before, but will try it next finish. Removing only Fan leaves a day before 2 days darkness. NPK Wizard says to cure at 58% humidity for 2 months, and uses Boveda 58% Packs. I was liking 62% thinking maybe terpi'ness really can dry out as it appears they do when weed is over dried, even after re-hydrated, not the same as virgin terpi'ness. I also suffer low humidity, but also high swings. Last dry I dried 4 days before bagging and should have bagged them at 3 days because 40% humidity did a number on them. Still so smelly and nuggy, but this strain has been terp'ier, so I think I lost a bit.