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Harle-Tsu 100% CBD

Harle-Tsu 100% CBD

Published on September 01, 2018
High CBD low THC. With almost 100% CBD and no THC. This strain is like charlottes web and is a cross between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. Excellent strain for the medical benefits of the plant.

Grab your best buds and come get high with us as we smoke and review this beautiful HIGH CBD STRAIN harle-ts

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Category : CBD Life
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AardVark 3 years ago
Those are both great strains together and separate for that matter. Solid cbd genes to work with
sallysativa 4 years ago
I know this was posted last week but I'm catching up. I doubt you'll answer this but I'll ask anyway. CBD is really great for me but I have to be careful with the strains and headache side effects. I just wondered if either of you got a headache from Harle-Tsu. AC/DC does give me a headache but Palm Tree CBD, Leafs by Snoop cures them, and nearly everything else but it's from an LP which means it's always sold out lol. Cheers, Health Canada, you really came out with a great system there! (sarcasm) ;)