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Guava Cake (AAA) from WTF Cannabis - Strain Review

Guava Cake (AAA) from WTF Cannabis - Strain Review

Published on March 30, 2021

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This is my review for Guava Cake (AAA) from WTF Cannabis. It is a 70% Indica Dominant Hybrid and it is a backcross of the iconic strain Gold

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Instant thumbs up. My friend grows this strain. He gave me a clone but I didn't feed it right. Cool to see someone else trying it from a dispensary. If you look back at one of my old videos with the music intros, it shows for a brief second a gold and purple plant. It reminded me of gold and purple crowns. And, I'm currently growing Gold Leaf. So crazy how it all comes around. I want to cross the Gold Leaf with Runtz and make Gold Runtz. That would be out of this world I bet.

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