Growing Cannabis Outdoors in Northern Ontario

Growing Cannabis Outdoors in Northern Ontario



Published on June 04, 2021

This may be my last video here for a while untill I start growing mushrooms again which may be soon. Sorry I just don't have time to be uploadint to mulitple platforms; I'm back on YT again and have updated videos there. This summer I'm growing just five different strains of cannabis out

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SKEastCoast 1 month ago
I can't believe you like screwtube better than TWT. They are all about censoring speech. I'm not going over there anymore.
Thud 1 month ago
Hey GrowingWithJames, I saw you were growing mushrooms in older vid's. Please advise me which kind is best? I tried Golden Teachers and they are NOT what I laughed my Ass off on 35 years ago. 3 grams dried in Capsules hit me in 20 minutes and made me need to lay down and nap. 3 hours in I can feel the tinge, but this is NOT what I aimed for! Penis Envy and B+ Cubes still to test. My first tubs were hard learning, 75 grams well dried, and I am about to ditch my next GT Rice Spawn mid-colonize because I am disappointed in Golden Teachers 1st try. Which rings your Bell please? Advise me Kind Sir!
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