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Grower Deacon Dave Harvest video Future#1 2/23/21

Grower Deacon Dave Harvest video Future#1 2/23/21

Published on February 13, 2021
Grower Deacon Dave Harvest video Future#1 2/23/21
Category : Growing/Gardening
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if it's a bushy plant I will cut stalks apart leaving fan leaves on sometimes half way through drying I will cut off bigger fan leaves. if it's a tree type like the purple dream I hang it whole remove large fan leaves and let it dry. I don't go as far as some who dry until the stalks are dry and snap. when the bud is firm and would burn well in a bowl I trim. then they go in jars with no humidity pack for at least 2 weeks of curing. some cultivars need more. IMPORTANT. if you use this method you must open jars and burp for at least 10-30 mins a day or mold could occur. I leave lids off everyday until buds are firmed up and mid dry. then they finish curing in jars. I don't vacuum seal the flower until it's been in the jars at least a month.
Thud 1 year ago
Hi GrowerDeconDave, Never seen anyone dry with Fan Leaves still on. Please describe your curing process. I've been winging it and going into burping bags as soon as possible. Wishing someone made a curing cabinet.

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